8 responses to “Guestbook

  1. marylinferguss

    A warm greeting to everybody!
    Hello to all,i am a new member of this forum and hope to have a good experience here

  2. Good job ! We can hope that in such a fast life style women can find their identity through your efforts.
    Identity and identification are much important!
    Realization can lead to identity.

  3. it is interesting to read all the articles provided in this online bulletin . At least I can get the recent information on the implementation of gender mainstreaming in each country

  4. Plz enquire and publish,Take immediate action sir
    jeyaprakash son mahendrakumar who is residing in kodaikanal,perumalmalai,tamilnadu,cheated eswari and family,he got engaged with eswari 3 years back,abused her and now married another girl named raji without the knowledge of eswari and eswari’s family.after marrying raji also asusual he behaved like this to eswari.but sumhow eswari’s family came to know he is married and its a criminal group,they stopped marriage raji’s family and mahendrakumars family both are blackmailing eswari’s family.
    raji ’s family is a criminal family and raji got married 5 times,by cheating 5 families in bodi,blackmailed and got 4 lakh money and 50sovern jwells from each family.

    list of persons whom raji’s family cheated
    1.jeyasekaran-chemistry sir,theni nadar boys highr sec,school.Thirumalapuram
    2.jaikumar-Zkm school sir,bodi
    3.sundar-maths sir,ideal school erode,sriviliputhur
    5.sivavasanth-mepco college ,electronics sir.

    mahendrakumars address;

    2/3-14,bharathiyar st,

    raji’s address;
    23/60,balaiya pillai house,ph road,kupinayakanpatti,bodi,theni dist,tamilnadu

  5. JOin handa to punish this criminals

  6. keep up the great work. loved your site.

  7. Men are not clean

  8. Eva Golinger hates America

    The journalist Eva Golinger hates America. She supports North Korea, and she supports radical islam. Eva Golinger was very happy during the September 11, 2001 attacks. Eva Golinger wants the United States of America to be totally destroyed. Everyone should be careful with Eva Gollinger, nothing good will come from her. She will always support each and every enemy of the United States of America, no matter what.

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